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Lesson from Ohio State Incident: Date of Birth Vital for Background Checks

Originally, both the school and the media seemed to be squarely blaming the background screening company. However, it appears that the record was missed because Ohio State ran the check using the wrong date of birth. So here is the lesson. Failing to do so allows the applicant to provide you with fake information which will ultimately derail your efforts to perform thorough employment background checks. Verifying the date of birth also helps to avoid innocent mistakes or clerical errors.

In truth, my guess is that many organizations forget or neglect to do this.

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Unfortunately, the results can be deadly. This publication is for informational purposes only and nothing contained in it should be construed as legal advice.

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The England & Wales birth records |

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UK Number Ones They also give the birth names of both parents. With both parents' surnames, finding a record of their marriage becomes a lot easier and, with that, your family history research can usually move back another generation. The date of birth should, however, be treated with a little caution. The longer the period between the birth and the date of registration, the more likelihood the date of birth is incorrect. But some registrations that appear to have been recorded promptly after the birth may also be incorrect; families were fined if they recorded the birth outside set time limits so would register a false date of birth to avoid hefty penalties.

Irish birth register entries are especially helpful to your genealogy research because they show the all-important, and often elusive, townland where the child was born. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view. My grandfather's birth was registered in Rosscarbery, co.

104-year-old gets record-breaking tattoo for his birthday

Cork, on 20 February by his father who stated that his first child's arrival date was 13 February. It just so happens that I knew my grandad always celebrated his birthday on 20 January, and I later found his baptism record for 21 January, so the birth date is clearly incorrect, either deliberately or because someone had popped in for a swift half or six before the registration was made.

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Her farmer father, Thomas Tobin, registered the birth fifteen days later. He was illiterate and signed with an X his mark.