One thing Claire has always been certain of, however, has been her gift as a clairvoyant — something she says marked her out from other children at school. Her mother Eva's celebrity status guaranteed long queues wherever they went, and there was usually a stop in Edinburgh at the King James Hotel. I got a lot of my training there really. As well as satisfying an eager public, Eva and her daughter were always on call to attend private sessions organised by the rich and famous. These days, Claire is the soul of discretion, eagerly changing the subject whenever details of clients' identity may become an issue.

Her widespread appeal was sealed when she successfully predicted, on the primetime ITV show Predictions, that Eric Cantona would leave football. This year, Claire has foretold romance for fallen songstress Britney Spears and tough times ahead for footballer David Beckham. However, one thing she didn't see coming at all was meeting with her second husband, adventurer and tour guide Nick Ledgard, whose star sign is Aquarius.

A family wedding resulted in Claire arriving late for a charity trek and secured her meeting with Nick, who had been sent to rendezvous with her.

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Claire, a Scorpio, says it was love at first sight and it wasn't long before Nick proposed to her in front of the Taj Mahal in India — the country where the Petulengros are thought to have originated. With three children — Paris, seven, Carmen Valentine, four, and one-year-old Lucy — and another baby on the way, Claire is now busier than ever, penning a new lifestyle book.

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She is also working with her mother on writing their family history. Eva, now a sprightly year-old, remains Claire's inspiration when ever she is stuck for ideas, and the devoted grandmother is currently knitting a shawl for her new granddaughter. It taught me, from a young age, right from wrong and how to be happy and to do what feels right. Most recent examples include a University of Manchester study of 20million married couples in the census which found no special compatibility between star signs.

After 10 years of following these websites I was hugely surprised to receive, for the very first time, as part of "Claire's" free reading, an actual computer-generated birth chart, with my rising sign only 10 degrees off. They'd ignored the birth time and set it for " Noon. Chiron and Lilith were listed but not calculated, simply left at 0'00" Aries, probably because the programmer isn't an astrologer and hasn't heard of Chiron and Lilith. Not everyone has, but I know where they are in my chart. Neither is at 0'00" Aries. The chart was not explained, nor were the coming planetary transits that Claire said were "once in a lifetime.

The reading did say my chart is highly sensitive to Uranus and Pluto, and to a third planet not named. What Claire emailed me a link to is not a horoscope. Telling people their Pluto is sensitive and their luck will improve is not an astrological forecast.

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In case you expected better, please know:. Buyers have 6 days to request a refund from Astrology-revealed. The old PremiumAstrology. Before paying, read the Terms of Service that say the readings, free or purchased, are "for entertainment only," the characters on the site are admittedly fictional, and it is very difficult to keep the company from charging your credit card monthly. Praise whoever in that company decided their online "readings" would seem more legitimate if a chart and three or four astrological facts were included, even if the chart is inaccurate.

As the free reading says, a chart's 2nd and 7th houses govern finances and relationships, and the ruling planet of my 7th house is in fact Venus. Empty spacing around that word "Venus" indicated it was slotted in by a computer, just as my name was slotted into this generic "free reading" 13 times. Claire didn't say what my 7th house governed by Venus might mean, either now or during the transit "likely" to last 43 days.

A genuine astrologer could tell you the exact time a particular transit begins and ends.

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Because the planets move continually, transits occur in all charts at all times. Transits aren't rare. What's rare is an astrologer hinting at a big once-in-a-lifetime transit who won't tell more unless you pay her. This company's websites can also be identified by their faulty English. The misspelled and ungrammatical emails and materials have actually been upgraded, but you will still see "So in retrograde period's all of these areas of life are affected when Mercury has passed it's shadow state. Clicking on an ad for Claire's "sky-request.

The owner hasn't yet learned that a morally marginal business with multiple lookalike websites is soon recognized -- and shunned. Free and truly accurate computerized natal charts that honestly tell you what they mean are available online--totally free! Free forecasts for the current week, month, and year can be had from numerous and more credible online astrology sites such as Cafeastrology.

So why pay?

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An even better reason to keep your money: At the very bottom of the homepage is a paragraph, in a subtle shade of gray, openly saying that Astrology-Revealed content is for entertainment only and it's not responsible for what happens if you take it seriously. Some computerized horoscope interpretations and forecasts can be reasonably good and helpful for a neophyte. But if Claire's free "reading" is a sample of the quality of the paid horoscopes, I'll pass.

Sylvia Sky does not select or endorse the "astrology" or "free readings" ads appearing on her pages. In fact she will investigate and then write about them. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. What a bloody fraud, fake and scammer Claire, or whoever the monster who created her, is. They toy with people's lives and emotions, as well as stealing their money, just when they need this the least in their lives. We contact these scammers, at a stage in our lives when some of us are nearing rock bottom, because they promise to help.

Instead of helping they take advantage of our situations and the only help present in the equation is, the scammers helping themselves to our wallets. Shame on all of them. They are ALL full of shit with Claire at the top of the shit list. Really helpful as Claire almost got me!!! She stopped writing me emails usually I received them on a daily basis at the moment I told her I have no job, no money but a lot of debts. And I don't mind if she wants to quide me to get out of this extremely difficult situation I never heard from Claire again. Claire is a scam. I purchased a reading 2 weeks ago out of curiosity.

It was all wrong. I contacted them and asked for a refund. No response. I then started to dispute on Paypal and still no response. Got Paypal involved and they escalated my claim.

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It is all computer generated and false. Please SylviaSky , try the best to prevent such type of fake sites to protect peolple and keep their money. I suggest to contact Google staff with approved comments and legal documents to stop any site steal money , particularly astrology sites.

It’s written in the stars: Claire Petulengro looks at your horoscopes for the next 12 months

I have a different story with Angela Medium site,it firstly starts that my spiritual guide is an extremely benevolent being of light. The Angels want to effortlessly lead you to Wealth, Love, Luck, and triumphant success.. I sent many Emails to refund my payment but not reply. I reommended to all people take care from this site as it is fully not honest, scamm and I praise anyone have a direct contact to Google to stop this site and investgate main office and address to arrested owner of this ite and refund all payments have been paid and donate to any charit charity assembly.

Please Stop this site As soon as Possible. Out of curiosity I purchased a chart from this site. As far as I can see they use the same type of computer generated techniques as Astrodienst based in Zurich. The coding in for the aspects, though generic, is now quite evolved due to the development of synthesis in the software, and therefore is accurate in terms of psychological traits to a degree.

It costs around the same as Astrodienst, but with the latter there is a lot more free information and more accuracy with the house cusps.

It's written in the stars: Your horoscope for - Essex Live

Astrology is not magic so an astrologer,or software, could still predict for someone who has passed away, even if they didn't know they had. Transits and aspects show collective energy and personal karmic tendencies that resonate with the particular codified traits of the planet, which is used as a symbol. There is a universal type of experience often shared in particular aspects, though of course we are all unique at soul level. I think this symbolic frame of reference is like another lens, and can be helpful as a psychological tool for self awareness. I requested an astrology chart from claire.