You're focused on equality and positive energy in your love relationships, and you're inclined to seek out different or unusual pastimes and pleasures.

Friends are more supportive or help connect you with opportunities. They're drawn to you and enjoy spending time with you, and you with them! You are distinguishing yourself as unique and worthy, whether as a friend, lover, or partner. Business income may improve during this phase. It's also a time for thoroughly enjoying formulating long-term plans now. Today, things are a little tricky again. It can be easy to set someone off or to misread a situation, particularly related to family. Be particularly vigilant about how you express yourself. If you aren't entirely sure of yourself, this can be especially obvious, or it can exacerbate others' insecurities!

Monthly Horoscope Overview for October for Capricorn:. Others continue to take notice of you more than usual this month, dear Capricorn, and it's time to show them what you can do! There can be distinct opportunities to advance your career interests or improve your social life in October. There can be a new beginning of sorts happening on the career front and an important culmination of a matter related to work or home life.

Some of you will enjoy increased recognition, an award, or even a promotion. Energies begin shifting towards "happiness" goals rather than professional ones as the month advances and more attention falls on your solar sector of friendship, groups, dreams, and hopes. All month is strong for your social life to varying degrees. Some of you could meet a love interest through a group, social networking, or a friend.

Don't hide yourself away at this time, but also be wary of overdoing your pursuit of pleasure. People around you, particularly a partner, parent, or a superior at work, can be cantankerous around the There can also be some shifting around and movement in your family life, as changes suddenly seem appropriate. The Full Moon on the 13th can remind you to rein things in if you've been overdoing your attention to the outside world. You're called upon to pay more attention to home, family, and feelings. It's just fine to continue to prioritize career and friendships for the time being, but do avoid letting this attention interfere with other important life departments.

Consider that you should avoid taking your responsibilities so seriously that you lose yourself in them.

Absolutely everything there is to know about Capricorns

There are indications that things are looking up for you. Pluto turns direct in your sign, and you can feel particularly in charge. You are ready to take matters into your own hands and resolve issues. Opportunities can emerge to make long-lasting friendships or to make changes to your friendships and group associations that benefit you for some time to come.

You can pick up some very useful information through others, and it's also a good time for sharing your knowledge. You have more enthusiasm for your dreams and plans. There can be wonderful conversations with friends and hopeful new projects on the horizon. A person or group association that is more creative, visionary, unusual, or unconventional can figure strongly in your life. It won't be long before Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion and what some might consider luck enters your sign for a year-long stay.

Choose this month and next to become clear about what it is you'd like to change, seek, or conquer. At times this month, you can be bothered by situations or people who seem to be restricting you, or you could be dealing with distractions or changes of heart. Look for ways to refresh areas of your life that have become dull or lifeless. You could be feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, and you might worry about what others are thinking about you as well, which can be too much.

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Find ways to reduce stress. The thoughtfulness or understanding of a friend might lift your spirits around the Or, you might come to someone's aid, even with something as simple as a few kind words. There can be new insights that enable you to make the right choices for yourself.

You may end up enhancing a bond with someone through a conversation. Interactions with friends can be helpful and healing.

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Terrific ideas can come through teamwork, networking, a friend, or associate. Cementing a bond with someone can figure strongly through special attention to how and what you communicate. You are especially aware, alert, and conscious of what's going on around you, perhaps because you sense that others are taking you especially seriously.

Work or good deeds you've done in the past may pay off now. Until then, Jupiter moves through your solar twelfth house — for most of This is a time when you can rid yourself of self-destructive tendencies, deep-seated fears, and deeply-ingrained tendencies towards guilty feelings. If they find out you're capable of hurting them, they won't let you get close enough to do it again.

It's not that Capricorns think they're better or smarter than you, they just think they're better and smarter than everyone. I know that this is one trait I'm horribly guilty of, but it isn't my fault. The people around Caps usually go to them for advice since they're known to knowledge, which can boost our egos. A Cap will do their best to retain some self-control when it comes to blurting out random facts or correcting people but don't count on it. If you don't know something we know, we can be a bit condescending.

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  • And I'm using the term "a bit" very loosely. It can get even worse when it comes to things we're super passionate about. Say something that's not true about a Cap's favorite show or movie or artist and they will school you like you've never been schooled. I've lost friends over Star Wars fun facts that turned out to be not so fun facts because they kept getting them wrong. Caps are super pessimistic. It doesn't matter what the situation is, we'll always be expecting the worse. Even when it comes to small stuff.

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